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Mediterraneo Hospital

In an effort to make the digital health vision a reality, Mediterraneo Hospital has successfully implemented significant digital transformation actions. From the very beginning, Grafimedia has participated in these actions, initially by installing the Icon Information System (Icon IS). That allows the radiology department of the hospital to follow a standardized flow of procedures. From arranging an appointment and recording a medical history on a tablet to registering a diagnosis in the information system – while at the same time providing information about the progress of the examination.

The Icon Gateway remote access, search and diagnostics system was installed in February 2017. The next steps (July 2017) include the renewal and completion of the existing DICOM archiving system that allows the collection of images from all hospital imaging equipment – and not just from that of the radiology department – and their archiving  in the PACS.

Mediterraneo Hospital


Konstantinos Tzalamagkas, IT Manager of Mediterraneo Hospital, has aptly put it when summing up the goals set by the Mediterraneo Hospital leadership: “All of the projects we have implemented and everything we have designed are aimed at improving services to internal users / clients, as well as improving services to the patient.” (NetFax interview)

The Health IT team and the management of Grafimedia wholeheartedly hope that the factors of the implementation of this project will continue to pioneer with the ethos and vision that have raised the profile of Mediterraneo Hospital as a leading player in the field of digital health.

Well done everybody for creating a new brand image among health care providers! Fair play in conducting business is based on the paradigm of those who help science move forward, opening new roads. It is our great honor to be by your side in your next steps.

Spyros Kokkalis
CEO Grafimedia

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