How to Stop Cyber Attacks

Measures Against Cyber Attacks

Mr. Nikos Vasilakos, president of the Hellenic Internet Users Association, is sharing with us useful tips on how to deal with Cyber Attacks. After the latest “WannaCry” digital virus attack, that infected more than 200.000 computers globally, everyone should apply precautionary measures against Cyber Attacks. Read the following instructions:

General Instructions

Users receiving emails from unknown senders or unknown source are requested not to open the links and not to download the attached files. That should apply even when they are not sure about the sender or contents of the attached files. In addition, users must be extremely suspicious of the emails that sender seems to be a service or company absolutely unknown to them.

Is Recommended:

  1. Enter web addresses (URLs) in the browser instead of using hyperlinks.
  2. Use genuine software programs and update them regularly.
  3. Always have active an up-to-date virus protection program on your PC.
  4. Keep up-to-date the version of your operating system.
  5. Back up your files regularly on external storage units and also make some copies offline. So in case of “attack” by the malicious software, it can be easily restored.

Corporate network administrators should pay special attention to regular and secure backups, as copies are the only way to restore the files as a whole. They could also disable running auto commands and JavaScript in applications that open .docx and .pdf files.

Nikos Vasilakos
President of the Hellenic Internet Users Association

How to stop cyber attacks

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