Xerox is Building the Future of Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions

Xerox is building innovating printing solutions and apps. Xerox creates the future of work for all sizes needs and companies in the world. Grafimedia’s in-house Health IT Development Team is among the first who joined the Xerox’s App creation process in Medical Printing Solutions & Apps.

It only seems like the internet has been around forever. In fact, the first “.com” top-level domain was registered early in 1985 – which is “forever” in internet years. Xerox joined the fray on January 9, 1986. That made the seventh to use the “.com” top-level domain in the entire world.

“Technology is an amplifier of human and inter-human capabilities. As just one example, (the internet) allows easy, directed, just-in-time continuous learning that allows people to address problems at an expert level. Technology evolution is pretty much co-evolution. In a humorous way, silicon and carbon (human) constructs are co-evolving. We design silicon devices and they modify our capabilities. We only feed the ones that seem compatible with our needs, and we strive to make them more capable. So we adapt to each other and evolve in a coupled manner.” – Dave Biegelsen, Research Fellow, PARC, a Xerox company.

Xerox and Grafimedia is Building the Future of Medical Printing Solutions

The New Digital Workplace

Printers Can Hold the Key to the Digital Workplace

Printers hold the keys to the way we work, especially if we are digitizing or automating business-critical processes. And, since paper continues to be effective for certain work processes and customer requirements, the question remains: How do we make the physical world intersect with digital?

That’s exactly why Xerox created more apps for ConnectKey technology-enabled printers, including the Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink product families. Targeted to general business use as well as the education market, these newest additions make labor-intense, time-consuming work processes easier. – Matt Raab, manager, Global Product Marketing, Workplace Solutions, Xerox.


Printer apps

Cloud-connected and mobile-ready, Xerox’s multifunction printers (MFPs) have moved far beyond traditional print functions. Today, they act as workplace assistants to deliver a more productive workplace. The newest apps continue to address evolving business requirements, including:

  • Xerox Connect App for Salesforce: Access Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management system at your MFP. Upload and share sales management information to client folders when you scan your documents directly into Salesforce.
  • Xerox Audio Documents App: Securely transform hardcopy documents into audio files so that you can listen, instead of read. This app can help visually impaired people, as well as commuters, multi-taskers, or anyone who simply wants to rest their eyes.
  • Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online*: A hassle-free expense reimbursement process with multi-receipt scanning. Data from the receipts is extracted into an expense report that can be submitted to reviewers for timely approval.  For organizations that use Concur’s expense-reporting platform, a similar receipt management app is on its way.*
  • Xerox Forms Manager App: Simplify management of multiple forms while reducing paper-based filing risks. Intelligent routing capabilities via embedded QR codes enables scanned forms to be automatically sent to the appropriate email address.

Xerox and Grafimedia is Building the Future of Medical Printing Solutions

Apps help transform education

Many K-12 and higher education institutions struggle to find ways to merge existing paper-based processes into their digital systems quickly and accurately.  The result is extra costs and lower productivity. When schools can streamline back-office tasks, meet government mandates and better manage student data and performance, then teachers spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on students, ultimately improving academic outcomes.

Xerox’s newest apps respond directly to this opportunity, and can help recover time and expenses that go to classrooms.

  • Xerox Connect App for Blackboard: Provides access to the industry-leading learning management system; documents are digitized and stored into a Blackboard account from the ConnectKey devices.
  • Xerox and SRC Inc.’s Gateway Capture to Student Information System: Streamlines digitizing student records into mandatory K-12 information systems.
  • Xerox Connect App for Remark Test Grading: Simplifies creation of bubble tests and automates grading with the ability to email or print results directly from the device.
  • Xerox Proofreader Service*: checks for writing elements in English language, such as spelling, grammar, style and plagiarism.


Grafimedia Medical Printing

Grafimedia and Xerox have joined forces and developed a new medical printing easy-to-use service & app for doctors and healthcare professionals. Grafimedia understands that medical printing is a crucial part of everyday workflow  tasks within a medical office, diagnostic center, medical center, and a hospital. The printed items that usually are required can be technical, medical, legal or financial, therefore all medical printing items should be easy to read and print.

The quality of printing services must be at the same level of professional standards with the medical services, expertise, and devices that a doctor provides. It is important to effectively communicate your professionalism in all aspects of communication with a patient. One major part of communication is the set of printing assets that carry your brand or name on it, like business cards, prescriptions, diagnostic files or letters, medical pictures, medical notes, patient medical files (digital or hard copy form), letters etc.

Xerox VersaLink Printer C600 by Grafimedia


Make your workplace more productive 

Physical paper documents continue to be a “must-have” for many critical functions. But paper doesn’t always merge well with digital workflows and business processes. Xerox works at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds so that your printer can be the digital trailblazer it is meant to be.

 *Xerox Proofreader Service, QuickBooks Online and Concur will be available by the end of the year. The other apps are available in the Xerox App Gallery now.

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