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The ConnectKey Technology ecosystem is a combination of hardware and a set of software, solutions and apps, developed by Xerox to improve the way work is done.

Imagine an office environment where all print devices have the same core features and functionality, a place with fewer mistakes and faster proficiency. ConnectKey Technology-enabled solutions reduce waste and paper consumption, and give you time back in your day to do your job more effectively.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. You need a solution that’s ready to connect to your on-the-go workforce. Xerox® devices built on ConnectKey Technology support a Wi-Fi Direct connection that lets you print from your mobile device without having to connect to a network.

Smart multifunction printers built on ConnectKey Technology simply get the job done – so you can stay focused on your work and not the technology. With ConnectKey, you can do much more than just print, scan, fax and copy. You can turn your multifunction printer into the center of a complete productivity ecosystem, right out of the box.



ConnectKey Advantages

Xerox Convenience

Grafimedia ConnectKey Xerox Convenience

The four-walled, 9 to 5 office is a thing of the past. Today’s professionals need to operate beyond office walls and 9-5 schedules. That’s why ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers offer fully integrated mobile, scanning and cloud-based solutions.

Your office is always at your fingertips. Which is why multifunction printers with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology offer mobile printing and scanning solutions that integrate fully with cloud-based technologies and direct communications to mobile devices.


Xerox Productivity

Grafimedia ConnectKey Xerox ProductivityDiscover new levels of productivity. Staying up to speed means having the right kind of help. That’s why we have technology and software that empowers you to work faster and collaborate better.

ConnectKey Technology enables powerful, single-touch scanning workflows in various formats such as text searchable and single/multi-page PDFs. You can also scan and fax directly from your phone or tablet by connecting with multifunction printers using Xerox® Mobile Link App.


Xerox Speed

Grafimedia ConnectKey Xerox Speed

Find and share your work for more effective collaboration, to move information into critical systems for faster decision-making and rapid response time. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology enables features like the enhanced address book with favorites, which lets you seamlessly import your existing contacts and roll them out to multiple MFPs.

ConnectKey apps allow you to easily connect your mobile workers to the device. Use the Xerox® App Gallery to download new apps that allow you to print from or scan to services, such as DropBox™, Google Drive™ and Microsoft®Office 365.


Xerox Security

Grafimedia ConnectKey Xerox Security

Connect safely. Your data. Your business. Making your device more accessible to all comes with risks. And while everyone realizes the need to safeguard their PCs with virus and malware protection, it’s also critical to understand that multifunction printers are potential points of entry for malicious activities.

Xerox® Technology is tested and validated to ensure protection against unauthorized access, and to keep your business compliant with standards across multiple key industries. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology provides the most comprehensive range of advanced features and technologies to help ensure your company’s confidential information stays secure.


Xerox Cost Control

Grafimedia ConnectKey Xerox Cost Control

To thrive, you need to reduce costs where you can. With Xerox, you gain an important competitive advantage with innovative tools to help you save time, control costs, simplify the way you manage printing in your office, and get a significant return on your investment.

Whether it’s out-of-the-box default settings like two-sided printing, the innovative Earth Smart feature, or the built-in technology that avoids a second pass of the print engine if only one page was sent, Xerox new technology helps you control who prints what, when and how.


Grafimedia Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey App Technology

Discover how Xerox ConnectKey enabled Multifunction Printers use app technology to improve productivity of the workplace.

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