Our solutions make your wish a reality. Grafimedia advanced systems allow you to access patient information at the touch of a button. Whether you are planning a stand-alone, mini or clinic-wide enterprise PACS (Picture, Archiving & Communication System), you can expect more from VEPRO PACS systems than just managing and viewing images.

The high score degree to which  VEPRO PACS is successful in producing results, is based to high quality intelligence systems. Effectiveness remains exactly the same regardless the source of medical fields that provide the data. Now all medical files such as radiology, cardiology, orthopaedics, endoscopy or surgery can collaborate in order to bring the right information to the healthcare provider on a smart and simple way.

All patient information can be entered into a VEPRO PACS  and stored in the standard DICOM format. With VEPRO, it does not matter whether the modalities (imaging devices) correspond to the DICOM standard or whether they are “NON-DICOM” modalities. Importing all data strictly according to the DICOM 3.0 standard creates a homogenous, standardised archive and file structure in your VEPRO PACS. As a standardised, open client/server system that can be expanded modularly, a VEPRO PACS not only grows to suit your needs, but also guarantees the investment security of your system in the future.

VEPRO PACS systems allow you to access all information about a patient at the touch of a button regardless of which medical fields provide the data.

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