Digital Medical Printing IQ

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Medical Printing IQ

Grafimedia and Xerox have developed the best medical printing services for doctors and healthcare professionals. We understand that medical printing is a crucial part of everyday workflow tasks within a medical office, diagnostic center, medical center and a hospital. The printed items that usually are required can be technical, medical, legal or financial, therefore all medical printing items should be easy to read and print.

The quality of printing services must be at the same level of professional standards with the medical services, expertise, and devices that a doctor provides. It is important to effectively communicate your professionalism in all aspects of communication with a patient. One major part of communication is the set of printing assets that carry your brand or name on it, like business cards, prescriptions, diagnostic files or letters, medical pictures, medical notes, patient medical files (digital or hard copy form), letters etc.


Grafimedia & Xerox

Choosing the best option that fit your professional needs is important not only for the benefit of your patients but also for the sustainability of your medical office. Making high-quality standards meet within logic costs ratio is a challenge not for many to reach. Grafimedia & Xerox have managed to create the best medical printing services that can stand real-time working pressure in the most logical price of the market.

Medical printing is a huge expense for doctors, medical centers and hospitals only if they haven’t chosen Grafimedia & Xerox Printing Solutions.

Our clients are happy and have found peace of mind by trusting Grafimedia & Xerox. The IQ of Grafimedia’s digital medical printing starts with one major pillar: Print what you want in the price you want. 

We are here for you to make your medical printing easy peasy!


Xerox VersaLink Printer C600 by Grafimedia

VersaLink Printer C600

The VersaLink Printer C600 is the definition of the modern workplace clever assistant. It is Cloud-connected, mobile-ready, app-enabled, and easy to customize with exceptional performance and unbeatable reliability. All medical Doctors and Healthcare providers need advanced but low-cost medical printing solutions that boost day-in & day-out their workflow demands. Grafimedia recommends Xerox VersaLink Printer C600 as one of the top laser printers in the market.

Find your peace of mind as soon as you take VersaLink C600 Printer out of the box. Open and use it! Everyday office printing tasks will run flawlessly and your business will work more efficiently. From IT-free installation wizards, to step-by-step configuration options, you’re ready to go—hassle free.

Forget Solid Inks and get used to the new experience of high-quality laser printing experience of VersaLink C600 Color Printer. Easy & Smart Connectivity was never before so appealing. Get it now and enjoy lower printing costs for the rest of your life! Interested? Ask for more information.


Easy & Smart Connectivity

With the customizable, capacitive 5-inch color touchscreen, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way through tasks and functions with mobile-like ease.Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps help optimize office efficiency, and on-screen access to the extensive Xerox App Gallery provides expanded functionality.

With Simple ID, individual users and groups enter a user ID and password once, and then enjoy fast, secure access to task-specific presets, individualized favorite contacts and commonly used apps on a personalized home screen.

Doctors happy with Digital Health Solutions from GrafimediaSwipe your worries away. Mobile freedom and app-based flexibility is second nature for VersaLink Printer C600. Cheers to Xerox ConnectKey Technology!  

The VersaLink C600 Color Printer gives you the freedom to work where and how you want—with out-of-the-box connectivity to Google Drive™, Microsoft® OneDrive® and DropBox™, and more through the Xerox App Gallery.

The ability to connect and print from multiple devices is key for today’s Doctor, and VersaLink devices meet the challenge with Apple® AirPrint®, Google Cloud Print™, Xerox® Print Service Plug-in for Android™, Near Field Communication (NFC) Tap-to-Pair and Mopria®, plus optional Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Interested? Ask for more information.


Grafimedia Offers Advanced Solutions

Grafimedia 20+ years of expertise in Healthcare Industry provides tailor-made printing and administration solutions that grow with your business. You can start with one office and scale up with only limit the sky. But if you decide to go far and beyond that, we will be next to you, supporting your dreams.

We offer medical software and printing integration for:

  • Medical Device Companies
  • Hospitals & Pharmacies
  • Doctors Offices
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Physical Therapists
  • Fertility Clinics
  • Dental Offices
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Chiropractors
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Movable Medical Units

Medical printing is not only about medical pictures or clinical data. It can also refer to a variety of different types of services or communication. For example:

  • Medical Informational Brochures
  • Patient Information Sheets (medical history forms)
  • Office & Carbonless Forms
  • Presentation Folders
  • Referral Forms with maps
  • Medical guides for common questions regarding treatments
  • Managed Print Services

Digital Medical Printing by Grafimedia

Do you want it all?

Ask for the best and you will get the best. When it comes to healthcare services, compromise is not an option.

ICON & BYTES Grafimedia.euGrafimedia Icon & bytes is a complete system – from the booking of an appointment to the issue of an invoice – which can expand and adjust to healthcare providers changing needs.

Administration and management tasks for medical offices is more complex than the average business models. Due to sensitive medical data and the pressure of making life-changing decisions in the razor’s edge is a common working condition for all doctors. State of the art technology is the only helping hand for healthcare providers.

Having the right information, at the right time, in the right position, only one click away, can save a life. Grafimedia ensures that all Doctors can have this privilege with the use of  Icon & bytes. 

  • Patient appointments 
  • Scheduling appointments by department, time or doctor.
  • Executing and completing appointments, creating visits.
  • Patient Visits 
  • Extensive demographic information.
  • Examination charges.
  • Medication.
  • Files and Records to manage Medication, Examinations, Patient Information, Health Insurance.
  • Printing of Authorized Collection Receipt.
  • Patient Medical Records 
  • Basic health information.
  • Medical history.
  • Manually or automatically (if there is icon LIS) entering and recording the examination results.
  • Free text for each visit – medical opinion.
  • ICON print image viewing.
  • Medication per visit.
  • Printing of images based on the default template.

Grafimedia ICON and BYTES Health IT


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