icon & bytes HIS

icon & bytes HIS


Icon & bytes HIS is a complete system – from the booking of an appointment to the issue of an invoice – which can expand and adjust to all healthcare providers changing needs.

Patient appointments
Scheduling appointments by department, time or doctor.
Executing and completing appointments, creating visits.

Patient Visits
Extensive demographic information.
Examination charges.
Files and Records to manage Medication, Examinations, Patient Information, Health Insurance.
Printing of Authorized Collection Receipt.

Patient Medical Records
Basic health information.
Medical history.
Manually or automatically (if there is icon LIS) entering and recording the examination results.
Free text for each visit – medical opinion.
ICON print image viewing.
Medication per visit.
Printing of images based on the default template.

Grafimedia Icon & bytes HIS

Icon & bytes HIS also provides

Issuing invoices to private or public health sector, insurance companies based on price lists.
Lists to view, choose, alter issued invoices.
Patient financial accounts.
Patient due balance.
Turnover per period/department.
Completed examinations per department / date.

Includes all of the functions of icon & bytes Medical Office plus
Specifying users for each group.
Determining privileges per subsystem / process.
Query to PACS for images which belong to a specific examination and retrieving the DICOM images and converting them to JPEG for preview. (Only if icon PACS is connected, either via LAN or WAN).
Commanding a diagnostic station to query, retrieve and present a specific examination from icon PACS


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