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icon EMR


Complete Electronic Medical File

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Icon EMR is a complete Electronic Medical File for register all patient information and record, organize and update appointments and digital medical data.

Registering the demographic information of each patient.
Registering the individual and family medical history along with other personal information such as habits, lifestyle, etc.
Adding notes related to the patient, in the form of plain text.
Dynamically scheduling patient appointments based on the date.
Inserting into each visit a medical file in a form which the user is accustomed to.
Recording the patient’s data into medical forms.
Easily creating a new medical form using helpful and user-friendly text formatting tools.
Printing the aforementioned with the logo and contact information of the medical office, diagnostic center, clinic, hospital, etc.
Searching and finding patients and their appointments.
Recording, organizing and updating appointments with the option of mass viewing them on a daily, weekly or monthly manner.

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