Work Anywhere With Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation

With Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation

You are ready to go!

Cloud based dictation workflow service on the go for all professional needs.

Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation is the ultimate cloud based dictation workflow service that makes going from your voice to a written document quicker than ever before. Speech Live increases your productivity by allowing you to focus on what really matters – your clients.


No software installation required

Speech Live doesn’t require any changes in your existing IT installation. Your dictations can be recorded with a digital voice recorder or the Philips dictation recorder app for smartphones. Your assistant can transcribe documents by logging into the SpeechLive online portal to access the file list and playback the recordings via the web player in any browser.

Work From Anywhere With Philips Speech Live


Work from anywhere

No matter if you are a small business or run a company with numerous employees, your files are secure and always available independent from changes to your IT environment. Simply speak, send and you are done!


How to Set Speech Live

Watch a demonstration of how to set Speech Live up on your smartphone HERE >>



Get a 30-day FREE trial of Philips Speech Live

This is how you can get your 30-day Free trial:

Step 1. Download the app on your smartphone:

• Philips Dictation Recorder for iPhone
• Philips Dictation Recorder for BlackBerry
• Philips Dictation Recorder for Android

Step 2. Create a free SpeechLive account HERE >>

Step 3. Connect your newly created SpeechLive account with your smartphone app

Step 4. Contact your Philips partner Grafimedia for all questions about Speech Live business packages and prices.


See how you can make digital dictation easy with Philips Speech Live Cloud Based Service PDF

Philips Speech Live

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