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Philips Success Stories

Philips has shared Digital Dictation success stories from around the globe. Take a look and see how you can also benefit by the use of digital recorders.

Scandinavian law firm Nordia speeds up document creation times by using speech recognition by Philips SpeechLive. In combination with PocketMemo voice recorders, this helps Nordia lawyers optimizing their customer service.

Lawyer Per Fridén is partner at Nordia since 1987, stationed in Gothenburg, Sweden. His daily working routine includes the creation of various text documents. To accomplish this vast amount of document creation, the lawyer implemented a new method in his work habits: he uses the speech recognition function in his Philips SpeechLive software, a cloud-based dictation solution. Since 2016, it is available in Swedish, as well as in 20 other languages.

“Working with Philips SpeechLive is convenient. Plus, it is a very reliable system”, Mr. Fridén explains, before he mentions another advantage of the system: “My secretary only needs to do the formatting and proofreading of documents delivered by Philips SpeechLive, which can be facilitated in an easy and fast way.” Nordia was able to significantly streamline their dictation workflow, which subsequently allowed them to save their valuable resources.

The lawyer points out: “I can see clearly that Philips SpeechLive helps me to save time and money. My clients have noticed these optimizations as well, because I get things done faster now. They cherish receiving results even quicker and more accurate now than before” (source: Philips)


Philips Digital Dictation Success Stories

Philips Digital Dictation Success Stories

Philips Digital Dictation Success Stories


Philips SpeechAir

The Philips Speech Air  is the perfect digital assistant that every professional needs when smooth daily workflow is a major priority.

All you have to do is to record your voice from your office or any spot on the go and send it off for transcription. It provides you the freedom to interact with your clients or your office without having to worry about remote support issues. Additionally you can send your recordings to your assistant or use the Philips SpeechLive transcription service. Of course the use of speech recognition for almost instant transcription results is always active and quite handy when and where you want it.


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