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Only Xerox® can fulfill the promise of affordable color to every document, every day. This is possible with Xerox®’s patented Solid Ink technology. Built from the start for high-performance office color printing, the Solid Ink technology has a 20-plus-year track record of reliability. Spectacular color quality, more affordable than ever. That’s Xerox® Solid Ink. Grafimedia  offers smart and enviroment friendly solutions, to all professionals and healthcare providers.

Make your office greener with & Xerox

Make your office greener with Grafimedia

It’s all made possible with Xerox® Solid Ink, the office color solution with a cartridge-free design and minimal packaging. That simple combination means less to manufacture, drastically reduced waste, and less storage space for better transportation efficiency – saving you shipping costs while lessening the environmental impact*.

Fewer consumables.

No more bulky print cartridges, the fuser, or even the imaging units found in basic and simple color laser printers. Other than the Solid Ink sticks, the only other component that may need to be replaced is a maintenance roller / cleaning unit, which lasts for tens of thousands of pages and needs to be replaced only a few times throughout the operational life of the device.

Think globally. Act locally.

The Solid Ink packaging is made from post-consumer waste that can be recycled again locally, wherever this is possible.
EarthSmart print driver settings. Easy-to-use print-driver gauge allows you to select the most environmentally conscious print settings.
Certified by ENERGY STAR®. All ColorQube devices meet the strictest ENERGY STAR requirements for energy use.

Biological origin ink.

The American Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers has certified that Xerox®’s Solid Ink has a 30% content of renewable materials with biological origin.
Recycled paper welcome. With Solid Ink, there is no need for “special” recycled paper. Print on any recycled stock – or almost any media, period – and get vibrant, high-quality color. Plus, Solid Ink printouts are completely recyclable.

GreenPrint software included.

The standard GreenPrint tool automatically detects unnecessary pages, such as those with only a web address or a meaningless picture, and lets you select the pages you really need to print, helping you reduce paper and consumable usage. (Not applicable to ColorQube 9300 series).

Efficient printing.

The imaging process with Solid Ink is highly efficient as it transfers almost 100% of the ink to the page during normal printing. Grafimedia choose to protect our planet.


*Cartridge-free Solid Ink: Less to manufacture, no empty toner cartridges to dispose or recycle, and less storage space required than comparable laser devices. Solid Ink printers generate up to 90% less printing waste during use than comparable laser devices (based on lifecycle assessment performed November, 2011. For more information, visit Xerox).

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