About Spiros Kokkalis

Health Information Technology Expert, CEO & Founder at Grafimedia

Make your office greener

Make your office greener with Grafimedia.eu & Xerox

xerox Printers and MFPs Only Xerox® can fulfill the promise of affordable color to every document, every day. This is possible with Xerox®’s patented Solid Ink technology. Built from the start for high-performance office color printing, the Solid Ink technology Continue reading Make your office greener

What is eHealth?

Grafimedia develops, installs and supports digital medical information systems. Clinical information may be available as text, voice, image or video.

Digital Healthcare Practice eHealth or e-health is a recent (estimate back to 1999) term for healthcare practice that involves all kind of digital and electronic processes, communications, files, records, tests and remote support. We could position it next to health Continue reading What is eHealth?