Document as a Service DaaS

Document as a Service – DaaS

The system which is used to track, manage and store documents in order to reduce paper usage, is called Document Management System (DMS). The general term for this computer-based and Internet-based program or software is named Document as a Service DaaS.

It is often used as part of advanced integration solutions that are related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems. It is absolutely based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents.


Integration DaaS

When users need to automatically retrieve existing documents directly from the document management system repository or want to make changes to digital files with instant apply effect then they use the integration ability of DaaS. All changes are in effect within seconds without leaving the running page or application. This high-quality integration is commonly available for office suites and e-mail or collaboration/groupware software.

Document as a Service DaaS by Grafimedia Health IT SaaS

Scanners DaaS

Scanners or multifunction printers are common devices inside an office that are an essential part of an active workflow. Each time a user digitize (scan) an image or a paper document, this capture primarily accepts and process these files. Optical character recognition (OCR) software is used, whether integrated into the hardware or as stand-alone software, in order to convert digital images into machine-readable text. Again an interactive integration is in action as part of this process.


Indexing DaaS

DaaS support the tracking and indexing of electronic documents through of unique document identifiers or the documents’ metadata or even through word indexes extracted from the documents’ contents.


Storage & Usage DaaS

Storage of the electronic documents often includes management of those documents; where they are stored, for how long, migration of the documents from one storage media to another (hierarchical storage management) and eventual document extraction or distribution or retrievement.


Managed Print Services & DaaS

Whether documents are paper or digital, they’re necessary to help serve customers and drive business. Users gain control of their document processes through the Managed Print Services MPS, which is helping thousands of organizations get more out of their print infrastructure investment. Read more about Grafimedia’s advanced and tailor-made Xerox MPS and learn how you can save time and money you spend on document processes and printing devices.


Document as a Service DaaS by Grafimedia Health IT SaaS

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