SaaS Accessibility

Immediate Accessibility

Without time or geographical limitations.

In this internet-based model, software vendors are the ones that carry all host concerns. The software vendors maintain the servers, databases and code that spine of the application. That offers a secure and carefree experience to the users. The users-clients or companies can absolve their budgets from investing in extensive hardware to host the software. In other words, it permits buyers to outsource most of the IT responsibilities that are usually required to troubleshoot and maintain the software.

The SaaS vendor will take good care of all IT responsibilities.

Pricing plans of SaaS also differ from on-premise software as it can reduce all costs tailored exactly to the client’s needs. The on-premise software it is common to purchase a general license. This means that buyers own a license to the software, but they must add a cost of 15% to 20% payment per year in maintenance and support fees.

SaaS, on the other hand, permits users to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee. And that’s it! The subscription includes the software license, support, maintenance and many other fees. Costs can be scaled up or down for the customer on an as-needed basis.

An example of a SaaS application that is familiar to most Internet users is Microsoft Apps. Microsoft Apps is a suite of business productivity apps that includes storage, calendar, and file sharing & editing.

More free time

The user has the advantage of start using the SaaS application the moment it is installed. In SaaS, the software (application) is already configured and ready to use. No extra time or effort is needed for installation and configuration.


New releases (upgrades)

All upgrades will run smoothly and without the participation of the clients. This is one of the major factors that reduce time, effort and money consuming costs. SaaS provider will keep the application up and running 24/7/365.

Easy to use

SaaS applications are user-friendly since they already come with best practices inside it. Also, users can try more than one different versions and choose the one they prefer. Even for high volume traffic environments, clients can run a test drive before buying any of the SaaS plans.

Accessibility and persistence

Clients can access SaaS applications from any Internet-enabled device and location.

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