Internet of Things IoT in Law Practice

IoT Law Practice

How does IoT affect Law Practice?

Law firms are already being asked to handle the information generated by IoT devices. Many law firms have add their own IoT-focused teams to cope with the tech data challenges of the day. Consists of lawyers from backgrounds extending from mathematics and statistical analysis to specialized practice areas like intellectual property and cybersecurity. All these compilations of highly-skilled professionals are joining forces within their respective firms to address multitude issues involving contracts, analytics, technology, and more, all of which involve e-discovery.

Big Data Challenges

If a law firm needs to deal with the big data challenges around the IoT devices, Computer Technology Scientists point out the importance of having a team that comprehends and is able to work with the technology, or is in position to communicate with the experts on the technology side, in a meaningful and productive way. Therefore, experts add: “Extracting information out of these  IoT systems demands being able to talk to, understand, and work with the people who created the custom solution.”

Health Data

As an example, Technology Experts say to consider of an accident where someone is driving a smart (IoT-enabled) car, while driving on a smart road in a smart city using a smart traffic system. The advanced interaction and combination of these systems generate unique IoT sensor data. Now, in the event that this driver hits a pedestrian, the person’s wearable technology also generates GPS and health data. If the pedestrian sues the driver and the insurance company is called in, there’s potential to demand discovery for all of this IoT technical data.

As Law continues to work towards the best way to manage all these data mining process growing rapidly, IoT technologies themselves keep increasing at a greater rate. We face a new reality where we find ourselves to be even more connected to the web , to devices, to automated communication and to all everyday things. Therefore it is important for the legal industry practice to remain updated and stay at the same pace with this all-connected-to-the-technology, today and tomorrow reality.

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Internet of Things IoT in Law Practice by Grafimedia

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