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Grafimedia FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are listed questions and answers, that are commonly asked in Healt IT context, focus to particular topics of Healthcare Industry.

Grafimedia Doctors FAQ


How can I communicate with the

Sales Department?

You can communicate directly with Sales Department at


How can I communicate with IT Department?

You can communicate directly with IT Department for Support at and for Development at


I need remote support for installation.

Where is it?

Ask anything you want for Remote Support from Grafimedia Health Information Technology experts for all digital medical systems and advanced software in here


My digital systems do not communicate.

Do you have Integration solutions?

Grafimedia having completed a large ammount of such accomplisments, is able to make a suggestion, no matter how complex each case might be. The Icon Grafimedia Integration service includes, not only a full analysis and recording of the existing situation, but also suggestions of changes that must be applied to the subsystems so that the workflow can become as efficient as possible. Find more here

The icon grafimedia integration service can apply to the subsystems so that the workflow would become as efficient as possible.

I have upgraded to Windows 10.

How to upgrade to Icon 10?

All icon modules are now compatible with windows 10. You can upgrade toicon10 to enjoy the limitless possibilities of Microsoft’s top Windows ever.  For further information or installation instructions contact us at

How to solve Workflow Issues?

Any workflow issue can be resolved with icon grafimedia.Icon Grafimedia is an integrated Health IT Suite as a Service which actually helps the right information to be brought to the healthcare provider on a smart and simple way. We offer all our services on a “subscription basis”. Please contact our to analyse your case and offer you a service tailored exact to your needs.



HL7 is a set of international standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data between software applications used by various healthcare providers

What is eHealth and mHealth?

eHealth or e-health is a recent (estimate back to 1999) term for healthcare practice that involves all kind of digital and electronic processes, communications, files, records, tests and remote support. We could position it next to health informatics as that covers all aspects of health electronic/digital processes. But in all cases when we refer to eHealth, the use of the Internet is required.

During the last decade, healthcare practice has become more familiar with the use and benefits of eHealth. New areas and features have already been added with the extended use of mobile devices transforming the channel of communication between doctors-to-doctors or doctors-to-patients, referred to as m-health or mHealth.

The last years have proved that eHealth & mHealth are not only part of our lives but also an inevitable step if our world wants to save lives more effectively without having any restrictions due to isolated locations or severe weather conditions. For further information or if you wish to analyse your case and offer you a service tailored exactly to your needs, contact us at


Do you have a question that is not answered?

If you haven’t found a topic above that covers your question, please send us a message in here and we will respond as soon as possible.

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