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Digital Health SaaS

Advanced Solutions by Grafimedia

The right information brought to the healthcare provider in a smart and simple way. 

At Grafimedia we are a net of Health Information Technology Experts. We are operating in different countries and we analyze, design, develop and implement workflows for any kind and size of a healthcare facility. We provide Digital Health SaaS Advanced Solutions and tailor-made Health IT integration between all existing systems.

Over the last decade, the volume of medical information is increasing exponentially, while the management is becoming increasingly complex. Nowadays medical data are produced on various operating systems, using protocols that most of the time cannot communicate with one another. The invaluable contribution of the DICOM3 and HL7 protocols in solving the problem is not sufficient. The easy search and fast retrieval of information are still a challenge and Grafimedia has created solutions that meet these needs.

Grafimedia SaaS Health IT Team approach each case individually, trying to integrate and bridge existing systems, not necessarily replace them. At the same time, we provide the best cost/performance ratio, without exceeding budgets.

icon DICOM

Send the images captured by icon print to the PACS system, by converting them first to DICOM format so that they can be recognized. Searching for and retrieving the patient’s data from the PACS system merely by entering their ID. Creating a new ID, based on the patient’s information, if the patient has no ID. Converting the series of images into DICOM format and sending them to the PACS system simply by pressing the “send” button (after the patient ID has been found or created).

icon DICOM Record

The recommended system consists of icon DICOM record software and PRIMERA’s DISC PUBLISHER 4102 robotic recorder. Automatically burn medical images onto digital storage media (such as CDs and DVDs) and on the surface of the media print the patient’s information along with the logo and contact information of the health facility.

Compatibility with any medical device using the DICOM protocol

Recording single-study or multi-study discs. Embedding of a sophisticated DICOM image viewer when the examination is recorded (replacement possibility is given). Automatic selection of the appropriate digital storage media (CD or DVD) according to the size of the examination. Printing a fully configurable label on the media, with the capability to automatically replace all the DICOM fields.

Easy to use

Interface that allows browsing and rewriting stored exams. Interactive media recording (CD or DVD) using the recording means of the local computer. The ability to copy the exams, along with the DICOM viewer, to a USB flash memory.

icon DICOM Print

The recommended system consists of icon DICOM Print software with Xerox® WorkCentre® 7830VT A3 color multifunction printer.
Automatically print medical images on plain A4 or A3 paper.
Connecting an unlimited number of medical equipment or diagnostic workstations.
Multiple printing options.
Laser Camera like selector.
Separate settings for multiple sources.
Connecting icon DICOM Print software to one or more printers.
The medical devices must support DICOM print as SCU (Service Class User).

The choice of XEROX MFP was made after a thorough examination of many different printers and manufacturers based on: 
Print resolution, so as to deliver the grayscale in the best possible way.
First-print-out Time.
Technical support response.
The results of these examinations show that this specific XEROX MFP exceeds by far in all four of these areas as compared to MFP of the other manufacturers.

icon PACS

A complete solution for DICOM image archiving

A modern and economical DICOM image archiving system (PACS) with many special features:

Compatibility with any medical device and diagnostic workstation using the DICOM protocol. Connectivity to an unlimited number of medical equipment or diagnostic workstations.
The ability to import and export DICOM data to and from files or optical media by creating DICOMDIR.
The ability to send/route data to other PACS systems or medical equipment (DICOM STORE-SCU) in a manual, automatic or scheduled manner.
The ability to create profiles for multiple medical pieces of equipment while choosing the image compression (uncompressed or compressed non perish) and to monitor their status (Logging).
The ability to create multiple image storage space profiles –both local and global- ensuring continuous, long and smooth operation of the service.
The ability to execute scheduled image forwarding procedures using criteria, maintenance, dropping and creating database backups.
Supporting the records of a task list on medical equipment (MODALITY WORKLIST) and sharing them with the corresponding medical equipment.
The ability to record, from the medical device, the examination’s progress and completion.
The ability to interact with other existing health information systems. Examinations may be booked by HL7 ORM messages on medical devices that support MODALITY WORKLIST. (The existing health information system must support the creation and transmission of HL7 ORM messages.)

icon & bytes HIS

Icon & bytes HIS is a complete system – from the booking of an appointment to the issue of an invoice – which can expand and adjust to your changing needs.

Patient appointments 
Scheduling appointments by department, time or doctor.
Executing and completing appointments, creating visits.

Patient Visits 
Extensive demographic information.
Examination charges.
Files and Records to manage Medication, Examinations, Patient Information, Health Insurance.
Printing of Authorized Collection Receipt.

icon EMR

Complete Electronic Medical File

Icon EMR is a complete Electronic Medical File for register all patient information and record, organize and update appointments and digital medical data.

Registering the demographic information of each patient.
Registering the individual and family medical history along with other personal information such as habits, lifestyle, etc.
Adding notes related to the patient, in the form of plain text.
Dynamically scheduling patient appointments based on the date.
Inserting into each visit a medical file in a form which the user is accustomed to.
Recording the patient’s data into medical forms.
Easily create a new medical form using helpful and user-friendly text formatting tools.
Printing the aforementioned with the logo and contact information of the medical office, diagnostic center, clinic, hospital, etc.
Searching and finding patients and their appointments.
Recording, organizing and updating appointments with the option of mass viewing them on a daily, weekly or monthly manner.

Digital Health SaaS Advanced Solutions

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