Computer Assisted Coding System CACS

Computer Assisted Coding System (CACS)

Computer Assisted Coding System (CACS) is a software that analyzes healthcare documents and produces appropriate medical codes for specific phrases and terms within the document. Scans electronic documentation, identifies key terms and suggests medical codes that match terms. Then a medical coder reviews the suggested diagnosis codes and approves them for medical claims.

Traditionally such coding is performed by people called coders, but the shift toward technology-driven healthcare has increased the necessity and demand for medical coding systems — especially with the growth in Electronic Health Record (EMR) implementation and the transition to ICD-10-CM. This has led to a hybrid system, in which CACS perform a majority of the medical coding, especially on routine procedures, and coders address more complex scenarios while auditing the CACS output.

Computer Assisted Coding System accomplishes to increased medical coder productivity. Also returns on investment that quickly pays for CAC system and provides faster medical billing. It gives better medical coder satisfaction and high medical coding accuracy by identification of clinical documentation gaps.


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