Health IT Compliance

It is a state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications. The definition can also encompass efforts to ensure that organizations are abiding by both industry regulations and government legislation. For example, software may be developed in according to specifications created by a standards body, and then deployed by user organizations in compliance with a vendor’s licensing agreement.

Regular regulatory compliance training programs for both IT staff members and business users can protect the organization as a whole. Focused training program guidelines will also vary depending on the industry a company is in and the data it generates and uses.

Also the guidelines vary by country; SOX, for example, is a U.S. legislation. Similar legislation in other countries includes Germany’s Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex and Australia’s Corporate Law Economic Reform Program Act 2004. As a result, multinational organizations must be cognizant of the regulatory compliance requirements of each country they operate within.

As regulations and other guidelines have increasingly become a concern of corporate management, companies are turning more frequently to specialized compliance software and IT compliance consultancies. Many organizations have even added specific jobs such as a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). You can find more about  this here.



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