History of Grafimedia Health IT products


Since its inception in 1994, Grafimedia focus on the development of innovative digital products and the presentation of integrated solutions. Our main goal is to offer the ability to the healthcare professionals to have in their hands the right information at the right time, in the most economical way. We collaborate with large global organizations such as Xerox and Philips Dictation Systems. And our mission is to produce innovative and quality products integrating them in its suggested solutions.

Grafimedia Products

Over the years, Grafimedia’s products and services reliability at Health Information Technology, makes it a significant factor in the field of medical informatics technology. In combination with the complete satisfaction of its customers and by offering products, services and solutions that cover the entire range of needs that not only doctors but also administrative and support staff may have, now Grafimedia is one of the leading companies at Health IT industry.

Having the same objective, in 2016, grafimedia starts its second decade, having in its quivers new products, new services and many new ideas.

Grafimedia Health Information Technology