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icon Print Video


With icon print video the ability to connect any imaging device with video out (e.g. ultrasound, colposcope, gastroscope, endoscope, microscope) to a PC is possible with no extra effort. Additionally gives the opportunity to  grab color or black and white images exactly when and where you want them. Within minutes you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation on each image. You can even print them on A4 or A3 paper, choosing from 1 to 32 images per page. Print a footer on each page with the name and address of the medical institution. Execute all the basic functions with the push of a button, by using the four button icon control.

Easily digitize and record video.

It is a perfect choice for all healthcare providers, in case they wish to extract selected images out of a captured video . Also healthcare professionals can have top print quality on a XEROX solid ink printer. They can even burn text, images and videos belonging to an examination on a CD/DVD.  Please keep in mind that only with the use of the suggested digitizing card, connection cables and icon can the best results be achieved.

icon DICOM

Send the images captured by icon print to the PACS system, by converting them first to DICOM format so that they can be recognized. Searching for and retrieving the patient’s data from the PACS system merely by entering their ID. Creating a new ID, based on the patient’s information, if the patient has no ID. Converting the series of images into DICOM format and sending them to the PACS system simply by pressing the “send” button (after the patient ID has been found or created).

Grafimedia develops, installs and supports digital medical information systems. Clinical information may be available as text, voice, image or video.

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