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A complete solution for DICOM image archiving

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A modern and economical DICOM image archiving system (PACS) with many special features:

Compatibility with any medical device and diagnostic workstation using the DICOM protocol. Connectivity to an unlimited number of medical equipment or diagnostic workstations.
The ability to import and export DICOM data to and from files or optical media by creating DICOMDIR.
The ability to send / route data to other PACS systems or medical equipment (DICOM STORE-SCU) in a manual, automatic or scheduled manner.
The ability to create profiles for multiple medical equipment while choosing the image compression (uncompressed or compressed non perish) and to monitor their status (Logging).
The ability to create multiple image storage space profiles –both local and global- ensuring continuous, long and smooth operation of the service.
The ability to execute scheduled image forwarding procedures using criteria, maintenance, dropping and creating database backups.
Supporting the records of a task list on medical equipment (MODALITY WORKLIST) and sharing them with the corresponding medical equipment.
The ability to record, from the medical device, the examination’s progress and completion.
The ability to interact with other existing health information systems. Examinations may be booked by HL7 ORM messages on medical devices that support MODALITY WORKLIST. (The existing health information system must support the creation and transmission of HL7 ORM messages.)

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