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Grafimedia SaaS Health IT is announcing its upcoming Icon Worklist App to the public. It will be available for download at the end of June 2018, in collaboration with Philips SpeechAir. Subscribe in the waiting list and be among the first to use this state of the art doctor-friendly digital tool.


Icon Worklist Preview

What has this app to offer?

The app can connect to a Hospital Information System (HIS) or a Radiological Information System (RIS). It can fetch and present the daily radiological workflow with minimum effort. Utilizing this information, new recordings could be initiated and the workflow data could be passed as attributes (with user-defined mappings!).

How can this app help?

This app could help the end-transcriber to correctly and promptly identify the patient and examination information. From our experience, this could save significant time in heavy workflows since the current practice is the transcriber to open each recording and hear the first X seconds in order to identify the patient and examination information.


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Philips SpeechAir

The Philips SpeechAir is the perfect digital assistant that every professional need when a smooth daily workflow is a major priority.

All you have to do is to record your voice from your office or any spot on the go and send it off for transcription. It provides you the freedom to interact with your clients or your office without having to worry about remote support issues. Additionally, you can send your recordings to your assistant or use the Philips SpeechLive transcription service. Of course, the use of speech recognition for almost instant transcription results is always active and quite handy when and where you want it. Continue reading… 

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