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Icon PACS by Grafimedia, is a complete solution for DICOM image archiving. It offers solid interoperability with any medical device and diagnostic workstation using the DICOM protocol. Furthermore connectivity is stable to an unlimited number of medical equipment or diagnostic workstations. Healthcare providers can send / route data to other PACS systems or medical equipment in a manual, automatic or scheduled manner.

In medical community, it is well know how important is to have the ability to create profiles for multiple medical equipment while choosing the image compression (uncompressed or compressed non perish) and to monitor their status (Logging). Over and above that, effective workflow depends not only on creating multiple image storage space profiles –both local and global- ensuring continuous, long and smooth operation of the service but also on executing scheduled image forwarding procedures using criteria, maintenance, dropping and creating database backups.


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Grafimedia accomplished to create an easy to use solution for the most demanding issues that usually occur into a medical department. Workflow Management combined with Data Administration in one place. With Icon PACS App it is possible to interact – at the present- only with Icon PACS management information system.

Icon PACS App is available and ready to fulfill the common everyday tasks regarding studies, cases and worklists. Gather in one place all related clinical information and handle the workflow inside a user-friendly digital environment. Make technology work for you!

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Feel free to contact the Development Department if you need any further information.